About Us

IFCOMM. is a free self-administrative association and outside debate determination body, that is devoted particularly to Forex. While IFCOMM is not managed by or enrolled with as an EDR body in any locale, it works in a way where straightforwardness, quickness, and instruction are the vital esteems.

IFCOMM guarantees that merchants and specialists are getting their question settled in a snappy, proficient, fair-minded and valid way, while ensuring they leave with a very much established answer, in this manner adding to their general learning about Forex.

Who is behind the IFCOMM?

We have joined free, top industry experts and made the most productive Dispute Resolution Committee that can resolve any Forex debate. Between the IFCOMM Board of Directors and our Dispute Resolution Committee we have almost 75 years of Forex encounter both working for dealers and with brokers.

What we accommodate a Trader?

  • Insurance by Commission’s Compensation Fund for up to $100,000 per case
  • Access to a nonpartisan and intrigue free domain to address any grumbling
  • A quick and proficient examination and determination (instead of unbending and bureaucratic administrative bodies);
  • Capacity to learn and get answers, never being “oblivious”.
  • A chance to browse more than 30 endorsed Members

What is so unique about the Commission?

IFCOMM is joining the merchants who realize that legitimate direct will be the best esteem required in all dealings and creating instructed and more brilliant brokers who know how things precisely function.

By joining the IFCOMM, organizations are showing their sense of duty regarding maintaining the most noteworthy principles of business respect and best business rehearses in directing their business, paying little heed to their licenses and areas. These exercises meet up to make a cleaner, more dependable Forex condition by and large.