Certification Guidelines

As a component of the IFCOMM’s confirmation procedure of exchanging stages, with a specific end goal to help guarantee that at any rate a premise is set up utilizing the criteria recorded beneath, we require candidates present all asked for data as portrayed and any extra that might be requested.

The Certification procedure guarantees that our supervisory obligations with respect to the debate determination process that the IFCOMM’s encourages will stay reasonable and fair.

A few things in the accompanying poll underneath may not have any significant bearing to you. For instance, if the framework is facilitated on your licensee’s information servers, which you have no control of. In any case, candidates must tell us of such game plans and give the IFCOMM’s base specialized prerequisites to licensee’s foundation, as clarified in the rules beneath.

Notwithstanding questions, the IFCOMM’s must audit innovation suppliers composed strategies to address the security, limit and trustworthiness of exchanging, and affirm such systems are being taken after.

Confirmation Guidelines Questionnaire (To be finished by all candidates):

1. Framework SECURITY

Confirmation process

Firewalls, Data encryption calculation and suspicious movement observing

Approval process

Occasional Testing

Framework Administration methodology


Server foundation and framework reinforcement systems

Limit observing systems

Stress-test methodology

Programming refresh methodology


All instruments accessible inside stage

Rundown a wide range of requests that are accessible in the stage.


Rundown of quote-sustain suppliers

Will merchant set limitations on exchanges? In the event that yes, please depict.

Does framework keep up connected confinements logs?

Could merchant alter the value nourish? On the off chance that yes, please portray who can do as such and under which conditions?

Does framework has a manual value change/input logs?

Does framework has “terrible print” or “value spike” assurance?

Could intermediary set or execute arranges for the benefit of customers?

Does framework keep up manual execution logs?

For Binary Options

If it’s not too much trouble give the choices valuing and payout estimation procedure.

Do you change the payouts amid the choice term?

Do you change payout terms in view of market instability?

Do you give motivating forces to exchange a specific bearing because of uneven spread of hazard at the choice expiry date?

Does framework keep up the logs of payouts change?


Framework must store tick information for no less than 45 days.

Framework more likely than not nitty gritty write about all exchanges and requests puts by the customer or by the organization in the interest of the customer

Breakdown methods that contain mindful representatives for significant pieces of the framework and their fundamental obligations.


IFCOMM’s trusts that fiasco recuperation and business progression issues are of most extreme significance and exchanging innovation suppliers must adopt a proactive strategy to guarantee that they have a sufficient calamity recuperation design set up.

Fiasco Recovery design must contain the accompanying data:

Reinforcement Facilities

Execution of Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plan

Disturbances of Third-Parties

Yearly Testing

Correspondence with the IFCOMM’s

Worker and Emergency Contact Information

Finished answers and asked for data to the inquiries above ought to be submitted to the affirmation leading group of the IFCOMM’s, either in Microsoft Word Format, or PDF design.