Compensation Fund

The IFCOMM was set up to be an impartial outsider board of trustees to decently audit and resolve protests with an end goal to encourage a more straightforward, swifter determination than through industry controllers and the lawful framework. Other than that, Commission likewise give extra assurance to the traders¬†by Commission’s Compensation Fund.

How can it function?

The Compensation Fund goes about as a protection strategy for individuals’ customers. This reserve will be held in a different financial balance and be just utilized should a part decline to hold fast to a judgment from the IFCOMM.

How Compensation Fund is financed?

The Compensation Fund is financed by the IFCOMM through distribution of 10% of the month to month participation levy to the reserve.

Who is secured?

It is essential to comprehend that store might be utilized for a judgment that has been made by the IFCOMM, a part’s whole customer base are not qualified for a payout from the remuneration support.

What is the greatest scope?

The Compensation Fund will just cover judgments up to 100.000 USD or equivalent of the account currency per customer.

*In instance of deficiency of assets because of number of unsatisfied cases by merchant part, current store adjust will be similarly conveyed among all complainants.